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Thread: Creatine

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    What is the best creatine to take? Im looking to start taking some next month because i want to gain some size. Do you guys have any ideas of some good products out there, or products that you guys purchased and worked very well for you.

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    i'm taking hypergrowth by nxcare, it's been working alright for me, i've gained about 25lbs since end of last year. i've heard good things about cell tech creatine as well, so next "cycle" i'm gonna go on that, and compare. but cell tech is apparently the best i've heard of. just my opinion

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    I just purchased trac creatine by mhp its not bad but it says ur not suppossed to take it post workout so i just take a pre workout... Results are semi good... My buddy is currently on vitargo cgl and i think it has worked better then the trac im taking now

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    Ive been taking creating for the last 6 months, and its really not gotten me ne where. With creatine, you MUST, and key point is Must drink water, water, and more water. But there in lies the problem, water retention. A month after taking it, your muslces will be bigger, but also softer, due to the water. You might gain 25 pounds of creatine, but take a month off, and youll piss out about 10 pounds of your "muscle" gained. Spent your money on some nitric oxide pills, get a good pump going, and really gain some weight. Just my $.2

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    I've taken a lot of creatine in my day and i've gotten the best results from one of two ways. If you use mono-hydride - mix it with juice or powerade and take an alpha lipoic acid supplement to help digest it - theres a new R-ala out thats even better..

    I personally like any of the higher carb mixes.. Trac and other creatinine /arginine mixes gave me stomach problems and little strength or mass gains.. I use cell-tech or even GNC's creatine burst.. it's cheap and tastes good.. two scoops has about 70grams of carbs - like 10-20 grams of creatine, glutamine, ALA, etc... it's perfect for adding mass - i only do it immediately after working when your glycogen stores are down, that way your body will use the carbs rather than store them... within a week you should start to feel better pumps and hold more water in your muscles.. don't bother with the loading crap either..

    Just my 0.02$

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    If you have problems with mono, Id try CEE. Mono gives me the runs and bloats me.

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    ive used Eas Phosphagen hp for years. its worked great for me

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