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    Creatine Pre or Post?

    I can't decide whether to add the creatine/citrulline/dextrose mix I have before or after my training session in the morning. Keep in mind, i have a cup of green tea and a pre-workout shake that contains multi-vitamins/maltodextrin/various types of protein. While I am working out, I drink cytomax and post-workout I drink cytomax with a little added whey protein. My workouts are from 1hr-2hr in length and at a pretty high aerobic level.

    Where should I add the creatine/citrulline/dextrose?

    I heard that it's best not to have caffeine (green tea) and creatine at the same time.


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    detrose = after workout

    creatine = before or after,

    ( i take mine after if i lift in afternoon or during lunch if im lifting at night. )

    dunno about green tea and creatine, but ill look it up

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    IMO, creatine/dextrose/citrulline/protein during
    creatine/dextrose/protein after

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