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Thread: CREATINE Info

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    Question CREATINE Info

    I have been on creatine for 8 weeks now. Is it necessary to break from it due to your body adapting and getting use to the creatine??? Is it okay to take more than the recommended dosage and if so how much??? I take Cell tech is that good??? Should it be taken before or after workout??????? thanks in advance

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    I get better results when I cycle it. But thats just me. Also, Cell-Tech is way over priced. You can make your own Cell-Tech for much cheaper. Take it before or after a workout.

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    You can use creatine non stop but the effect you feel when you first start using it will wear off, so I find it best to cycle it. If you are taking cell-tech theres no need to exceed the recommended dose, just take 5g before you workout and 5g after and on days off take 5g in the morning and thats it, thats the way I like to run it.

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