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    So hows the superdrol cycles going???

    Just wondering how it panned out for everyone???

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    my 1st cycle was not what i expected i did put on about 5-7 lbs
    it was lean muscle , i looked a hell of a lot leaner and not bulked up.
    i did run it week 1 10mg week 2 20mg week3 30mg , week 4 30mg

    now im on my 2nd run of it and going another 4 weeks 30mg ed
    i started on the 20th and the pumps are already starting

    i was capping trib last night and my traps got super tight i had to stop 2times just to cap 50 pills.

    for me the superdrol im finding its seems to be good for that last cycle b4 summer

    ps. there is going to be another sale on SD this week i just got an email about it.

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