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    Suggestions for supplement intake

    Hey guys just had a couple of breif questions about supplements. I don't really want to take anything that I have to inject, and I'm strapped on cash with school and all. But I need a few suggestions on some supp's I can take to increase growth. Here's my stats thus far:

    I'm 23, 6 Ft, I weigh 180lbs. I usually try to eat 4 meals a day. I have been working out consistently for about a year now.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what supplements to take to get a noticeable increase fast? Currently I'm trying to build mass. My goal is to hit 200lbs. Then start to tone and cut. Any suggestions/flames welcome.

    I seen the Equi-bolen, Derma-Gain, & Maxteron on All Sports Nutrition. Anyone had any luck with these?

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    Just eat 6-8 times a day, high in protein and complex carbs. You could get to 200 easily with proper nutrition, PWO and PPWO nutrition are key. Basicly lots of chicken, whey, oatmeal and brown rice. As far as supplements to help put on size i would suggest creatine ethyl ester and a good multivitamin.

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    the best suppliments I can advise you to try for bulk would be various proteins nighttime and whey are the basics but you can add more creatine ethyl ester or Kre alkalyn.

    A must for supplimentation IMO is sesathin

    A good nutrient partioner to try would be GXR by designer suppliments

    the same company DS is comming out with a natural test booster as well called AcTivate it should work very well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan2

    A must for supplimentation IMO is sesathin

    word on this. When bulking, I only take 1.5 servings a day, but when bulking on AAS, I take the usual 3 servings a day, and up carbs 50-75g. I have been able to keep VAT at bay. Before I would bulk, and stay fairly lean, but my waist line would increase by 2 inches after a 10 week cycle, even without much sub Q fat being added. Sesathin is a major help on cycle, or when bulking without AAS, it keeps some fat off, raises insulin sensitvity, and allows more leeway on diet.

    As for basick supps, Byran pretty much hit it on the head.
    Multi, fish oil, Sesathin, and probaly a creatine product, plus a protein powder.

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