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    got some prohormones when and what to take??????

    lets seee .... ive got VPX 1 Test
    AST 19Nor250
    and i just purchased a bottle of M1T from a local supplement place

    question is should all this **** be taken at once??? or what ... the 19Nor250 is a full bottle (55 caps (5 were taken already a while ago)).... the VPX 1test has about 1/2 a bottle serving size is 6cc=50mg .... and the M1T is brand new 90 capsule bottle ..... how the hell should i take all this .... i wanna do it in May for the summer .... oh and im trying to bulk ... im 21 5'10", and about 170 pounds

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    Forget about the 19 Nor(just as well throw it away, its worthless) and the 1-t for now. Read the M 1T FAQ on how to dose that.

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    holy sh!t the VPX 1-Test ruined so many months of my life no joke, I had to see a urologist because of the side effects.

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    Yes get rid of everything but the M1T. Run it 4 weeks max at 10-20mg ED. You should look into the faq as well like prolangtum said. There is a lot of good info in there. Also research PCT, because M1T will shut you down and youll need to know what to do post cycle to bring your levels back up, etc...........

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