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Thread: vitrix question

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    vitrix question


    Has anyone tried vitrix by nutrex?

    I'm looking into buying some since it claims to raise testosterone levels while blocking your estogen levels.

    Any feedbacks?


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    it works but is too expensive for my taste , since regular dose is about 6 caps a day , which will run u out less than a month .............

    go to for a real good tribulus product !

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    hell, might as well go with real test.

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    i have also used vitrix. yes it works but I agree with ZOAIB. I've said it before and I'll say it may be a bit strange, but order the free trial of enzyte at (also a trib product). you pay the 5 bucks shipping, cancel the subscription immediately through their website, and bam, you have 30 days of a decent trib supplement for 5 bucks. And I will tell you that enzyte kicked vitrix's ass when it came to the effects.

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    6 caps of vitrix= 1000mg terrestris, so most say 4-5 grams, so that would be 24 pills just to get 4 grams is that right.? 6 pills did nothing for me, and got up to 16 and still nothing..have 3 more btls but they are garbage IMO..

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