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    true protein custom mix help.

    hey guys, I am thinking of getting some custom protein from trueprotein. My question is just concerning what mix i should use for the results i want. I am gonna get 5 lbs. and want about 50% to be whey, but there are so many different kinds there, is it neccisary to go for the more expensive ones or would the concentrate be sufficient? Im thinking of putting a bit of casein in there for a slower absorbing protien, I lift in the morning about 30-45 minutes after my whey drink, so i want the majority to be whey for quick absorbtion, but casein also for if i take a shake at night or something. What % should be casein? But the extras im not so sure on. Probably Dextrose, BCAA's, maybe the multi vitamin, L-glutamine. Is taurine good at all in terms of giving me energy, if so i might add that. Is Aminogen neccisary? Would you reccomend getting the premium chocolate, or just chocolate? Are sweeteners needed? If yall can think up a good mix it would be helpful. Or should i just say screw it and just get some solid whey. i would just stick to pre-mixed, but im thinking about some CEE and i need some protein so i would prefer ordering from one place. Sorry for the long stupid question, i just need some input. Thanks

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    can't help you out too much i was wondering a lot of the same things. i kinda followed NSA's basic formula and modified it a little. I'm planning to use it in a lean gain diet as an all-around mix since I already have a PWO drink. What I did for awhile was go to and just play around to see what they suggested for different types of mixes and I read all the descriptions on Also, have heard that the premium flavors aren't that great and to stick with the basic chocolate.

    here's the specs:

    25% WPI Micro-Filt
    25% WPI Cold Filt.
    25% Micellar Casein
    20% Egg White Protein
    5% Glut Peptides

    Chocolate Flavor
    Sucralose Sweetener

    Went with the 25/25 on the WPI's because I couldn't really tell if one was much better than the other. Both sounded good so I figured why not 1/2 and 1/2? Don't know how its gonna turn out, but it is supposed to be here Tuesday so I'll keep you posted.

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