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Thread: Trimax help!

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    Trimax help!

    I am planning on running 2 weeks of Trimax.

    1.)What is the best way to take Trimax (like time of day, split doses etc)? Also u need to taper up and down, so if i did go up to 2 tabs per day how would u advise taking them?11111222222111?

    2.)They are 2mg tabs so i think 1 tab for the fisrt few days is more than enough? Also would u bumb it up to 2 tabs per day? I am 165lbs, and it says u should take 1mg/50lbs, so 3.3mg per day as a max. What u recommend?

    3.) Is pct required to help restore thyroid function? I have read some take 7-keto and other things to help? what u advise?

    Also, i am palnning on running clen alonside for 2 weeks. Will this help prevent catabolism? or will i still lose some muscle?

    Anyone who has any advise would be good!

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