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    CytoGainer for PWO Shake?

    I would just like to get peoples thoughts around using a product like Cytogainer (or similar products) for a PWO shake. it seems to have the 2:1 carb to protein ratio. I know the carb source is some proprietary blend of Maltodextrin. Let me know and thanks in advance.


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    it is said to be ideal for post work out but I would rather it before hand and stick to straight protien and dex mix after WO, you will need a faster carbohydrate source after working out and cytogainer has slow release carbs. I love it for before workouts though

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    malodextrin is anything but slow. By definition its not simple, but it is high glycemic. I personally use real gains pre/during/PWO with good results. There is nothing magic about dextrose.

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