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Thread: CEE read?

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    CEE read?

    does anybody have an indepth write -up for CEE. I've been looking for some time now and can't seem to find a really good detailed read!

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    Creatine ethyl ester is a breakthrough in creatine supplementation. Esterification of amino pro-drugs similar to creatine has greatly increased their bioavailability and increased the cellular uptake of the pure parent compound. This is exactly what adding the ethyl ester group to creatine has done.

    In the most basic of terms with CEE you get a creatine without byproducts, without potentially unhealthy metabolites and greater amounts of creatine actually in the muscle cells.

    One of the main issues with creatine monohydrate is that in the gut it is metabolized into creatnine and several other less friendly metabolites. These compounds cause stomach bloating, extracellular water retention (subcutaneous bloating) and put strain on the kidneys and liver. By the time that creatine monohydrate enters the blood plasma, especially in those that are “non-responders” there is not a great percentage of pure creatine left.

    The esterification of creatine, in this case creatine ethyl ester, leads to rapid uptake because of its greater lipid solubility which allows it to pass more freely into the blood stream. Esterification also protects it from being prematurely cleaved and thus broken down into the unhealthy and completely without benefit metabolites mentioned above.

    Think of it like a “fast pass” at a theme park, making sure that the creatine quickly and safely gets to the muscle cell.

    Who will benefit from using CEE? Everyone will benefit. People that respond to monohydrate will still get better effects, without the bloating and stomach discomfort and with a much lower dose.
    So called “Non-responders” will get what regular creatine supplements promised but never delivered.

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