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    Dose of aspirin in a ECA stack??

    I am doing a ECA stack, something I am not TOO familiar with but have been on it a week and have found the results are better from this stack than any steroid stack I have done in the past. Huge pumps in the gym, muscle definition is much geater than before, lots of energy, in a better mood throughout the day. I have not taken any aspirin yet but I am wanting to incorperate it in. Right now I am taking 16mg(E), 200mg(C) at 9:30am and then again at 2:30pm. I know this is a fairly low dose but keep in mind my BF% doesnt ever get over 10% so coming down that little bit more doesnt take much. Anyways, what is a noraml dose of aspirin in an ECA stack and would it be best to take it with the EC or at different times throughout the day??

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    children's aspirin 81mg is what i use

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