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Thread: Nitric oxide?

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    Nitric oxide?

    Can anyone give me info on NO2 and should I use it when cutting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rschenck
    Can anyone give me info on NO2 and should I use it when cutting?
    No2 or (nitric oxide) is the chemical realest in the body that is responsible for the pump you get while training or something along that line, supplementing with it is suppose to enhance that effect, or it’s a load of old rubbish that the supplement company’s are milking again,,if your looking for growth invest in your money in some whey protein or a meal replacement. I’m alittl sceptical about this product, but increased pump means more blood flow in to the muscle, meaning more nutrition in to the worked muscle over time so how knows,, as for cutting i have no idea
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    Nitric Oxide definitely has some credence, but I don't think products like MRI's NO2 utilize it's potential. Viagra and Cialis on the other hand, do. I've tryed a couple of No2 products to no avail. Save the money for food IMO.

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    I use Nitric Force by ABB occasionally before workouts, I dont know if it does anything in regards to transporting nutrients, but it definently increases the pump, which is a good feeling.

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    Me personally I wouldent spend money on it, do you have your multi? whey? creatine? EFA's? If so then give No2 a shot, it may work for you or it may not.....cant hurt to try.

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