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    Creatine effecting abs???

    i am currently on lean xtreme,sesathin n heat stack(prob gonna switch to lipo 6 after). I am concidering jumping on to cell-tech to keep some size, i am doing alot of cardio n am taking plenty of fat burners/cutting supps. My main concern right now is my abs. I eat right, cardio, n am taking many supps to achieve the very allusive 6-pack. My main question is if i go onto cell-tech will it make my 6 pack less visable, or even harder to achieve?

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    It may make you hold a bit of water so it may be a tad bit harder but whatever you do dont buy cell-tech, overpriced, overrated.

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    it shouldnt. The creatine will make you retain water and bloat you. So while on it you might not look at defined but the water will come off when you stop taking the creatine. Look into CEE, better results with less water retention.

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