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Thread: weight gainer

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    Question weight gainer

    I am contemplating using Maximum Human Performance's "Up Your Mass" Now It Said It Has Good Crabs (Fiber, Complex) And A Combination Of Whey, Egg, And Casien Protein...And It Has Unsaturated and EFA's...Sound Really Good For A Weightgainer...But Alas Are These Bogus...Shoud I Just Eat More Healthy Foods And Forget This...Or Do You Think This Could Be A Powerful Ally To My Bulking Phase? Let Me KNow What You Think...God Bless

    see if this works

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    Weight gainers are known to add madd yes, but dont forget you'll without a doubt put on fat as well, have you tried bulking with food? I havent heard enough reviews of UYM but I have heard steller reviews of N-Large2 though I've never used it, many on the board make thier own weight gainers with whey shakes, milk, natty peanut butter etc.

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    i've used it...i liked it! good stuff extra, clean calories if you're bulking

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