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    best legal way to pack on muscle

    Would like to find the best way to help pack on the size. What do you think? Thanks Satch

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    test e-d bol front load

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    Eat big, lift big and rest big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SplinterCell
    Eat big, lift big and rest big.
    That is the best supplement out there and legal

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    Eating a sh1tload, creatine and protein. I dont really buy into the arginine, or other products that will "get you huge" because I think creatine is the only thing that works.

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    id say if you want to bulk, its all about eating n working out. this should be your main focus. Once you have that down id say Creatine,(i heard stacking CEE with no-xplode is a great stack), and possibly some pro-hormones, depending on how old you are, id post up your current stats i.e weight/age/height/ and BF. Also id hit the diet forum to set up ur diet, and as for supps here r some that should be your MUSTS!!!!

    Whey Protein
    Creaine (may wanna look into stacking with No-xplode if ur pocket can handle it)
    diff types of oil(flax/fish)
    ik sure m forgetting 1 or 2, but these r a must

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