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    Alternatives to A.D.D Medication, ???

    Has anyone had any experience with alternatives to A.D.D Medication ? I ordered Brainworks said it suppose to help increase mental focus upto 35% , product description below. What does everyone think?

    Increase flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.
    Increase the amount of energy red blood cells transport to the brain.
    Increases Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the brain, which are both neurotransmitters essential to the normal function of the central nervous system.
    Clears neural pathways for quick, efficient transmission of electrical impulses your brain uses to communicate.
    Strengthen the brain cell's plasma membrane, allowing for quicker recovery time.

    Advantages of Brainworks:

    Increases your powers of concentration
    Helps you attain a "steel-trap" memory
    Speeds up mental calculation ability
    Have faster learning ability
    Bolsters physical and mental reaction time by an impressive 35%
    Acts as a Strength training aid (Muscle fiber recruitment and force output improves)
    Acts as a circulation facilitator (Improves oxygen delivery and uptake)
    Great as a fast acting hang-over cure

    "Each compound in Brainworks has been proven over a 10-year period to be safe and effective. Just one of the key ingredients alone in Brainworks demonstrates an increase in short-term memory and reaction speed by as much as 35%. Combining all of these powerful ingredients will help you reap the benefits of being able to out think, out smart and out perform others."

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    cant tell you much without an ingedient list

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