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    Want to Finish My Prohormones...

    Hey guys, I have 1 half empty bottle of LMR's Nandrotest and one half empty bottle of their Primotest also.(120 cc each) Just wandering if that would be enough to last me 4 weeks to kick start my gains on my bulking diet . I started it last week a gained 3 lbs the first week, but pretty sure i lost all of it because i had my Wisdoms removed last friday and im not really able to eat till this weekend..definatley want to know as soon as possible because i want to start this by monday if possible. Ive got to gain some good muscle for my last highschool hockey season. And, if this would help, by the end of the prohormone usage should i use some 6-oxo or some ****... Input would be great.

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    I dont know how long that will last you, or if you should do it considering your age. I do know that I would use real PCT to come off of any prohormone cycle. That means Clomid for jumpstarting test production, and Nolvadex for anti- estrogen. I wouldnt rely on a legal product such as 6-Oxo to help you in the same ways as those other products will.

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