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    Brainworks Neurogen Complex, Question, and Help! PLZ

    alright heres my situation, its my fourth day on "Brainworks Neurogen Complex" I used adderall before, and abused it reaching a single daily dose spread out during the day of 100-120mg. Anyway I decided to look at the alternatives to the neurogen stacks, and instead of getting the powders I opt for a 1single pill that has all the ingredients I believe would allow me to focus and concentrate without resorting to adderall:/

    Anway as far as product results on my 2nd day of using this product I took 2 pills at 12:00pm before my Business Marketing Final - Oral Presentation, my words came out more articulately, and I was able to go in more debt about my presentation because I was able to remember what I wrote in my term paper. Also I studdered less I believe and avoided say "UH" during my speech.

    today is my fourth day, im alert, focused and concentrated somewhat- Im kinda practicing for the LSAT exam. Anyway Im having a hard time falling asleep, its weird i feel WIDE AWAKE and FULL ENERGY?????

    here are the ingredients of the product, maybe theres something in there I dont know about thats keeping me awake when I try to sleep.

    Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 2 or 4 Capsules Daily Servings Per Container: 22-45 Ingredients: Niacinamide 10mg 50% Folic Acid 400mg 100% Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 6mg 300% Vitamin B-5 (Panthotenic Acid) 10mg 200% Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) 250mg 4175% Proprietary Neurogen: Complex Including: 915mg Cordycerps Sinesis Ext. 4:1 Paullinia Cupana Phosphatidylserine DMAE L-Glutamine L-Tyrosine Siberian Ginseng Ext. 5:1 Alpha Lipoic Acid Mucuna Pruriens Ginkgo Biloba Ext. 8:1 5-HTP Bacopa Monneri Salix Alba L-Glycine Vinpocetine 98% Ext. Choline Bitartrate Huperzine A

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    the tyrosine and DMAE probaly

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