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    dextrose measurement

    so, it seems like a lot of people are concerned about the 2:1 dextrose protein ration in the PWO shake. so, i measured it today. using the scoop that comes in ON protein (23g of protein), a full scoop of dextrose is 53g. so, just over 1 scoop of dextrose will give you your 2:1 ratio.

    for newbies who can't do math, if you use 2 scoops of protein (46g) then use about 2.5 scoops of dextrose.

    this is using the scooper supplied by ON. (in other words, dextrose is about twice as dense as protein). now, i'm not sure if this is the case for isolates etc.

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    I am pretty sure ON is one of the denser proteins, so I doubt that ratio would apply exactly to other cheaper proteins.

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    you are wrong, i have used scales for measurement:

    1. on whey scoop is ~ 30 grams (where 23-4 is protein)
    2. dextrose is a bit denser and 1 scoop equals ~ 40 grams

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