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Thread: m1-t, 1-ad???

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    m1-t, 1-ad???

    Hey guys, just a simple question...I know m1-t works better, but I herd it gets you totaly bloated in some scenarios, and I herd 1-ad give u good gains, but also doesnt really get you bloated. I hate getting bloated!! So which supplement should i take? If you guys have herd of any others that are on the market that work really well, please name them off as well...thanks

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    I have heard that if you are concerned about bloat, go with Superdrol, it is still legal too. I personally would go with 1-Ad b/c I gained 23 lbs on 4 weeks of that sh1t, with zero bloat or water retention... but I am also the Ectomorphian, lol.

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    ok so what did you take with your 1-Ad when you were on it? as well as anything for side effects? i don't want to stack AS but i was thinking of using 1-AD and it seems like you used it right with those gains.

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    i gained alot off of 1-ad and 4-ad stack but i had a ton of water weight too . i also ran high doses of both .

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