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Thread: Hot Rox ??

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    Hot Rox ??

    Sup fellas i took a sample of hot rox today didnt do any cardio had to hit the delts but i gotta say i seemed to have a good pump and a good swett going on..i felt good a focused has any taken HOTROX for a long period of time and had good results ??? or and other fat burnner recomend....O yeah and hot rox didnt make me crash it was more like a smoth landing then your typicall upper

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    I don't think it's a thermogenic but I've used Biotest's Spike. It really worked and increased my focus like nothing else. It kept me up and unable to sleep well every time I took it, even when it was in the early mornings. It works great as a preworkout stimulant. If you're looking for fatloss, try Redline by VPX before your cardio.

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