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    BSN NO-Xplode & Clen???

    I am going to start taking BSN NO-Xplode (I have heard great things - thought I'd try it). I am also going to start using clenbuterol in a few weeks. I was wondering if the two of these conflict or will be too extreme to take at the same time? Is it safe? thanks

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    I dont really have any experience with clen but putting to and two together I would think that the NO-xplode will help maintain muscle mass and keep you muscles looking full while your taking the clen. The two deff. dont cancel each other out, and will not be harmfull to take together.

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    im doing the same thing, starting clen tom, then starting no xplode n CEE in like 2 weeks, atleast this was the plan unless i found out they r bad to stack togeher, i gotta read up on it tho i think creatine n clen dont mix well

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