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    Sesathin-- Anything else or okay alone?

    I have been see great reviews about this stuff. I have read up on it but I am still learning about it..

    But for fat loss what do you guys recommend stacking it with?

    Or can you see results with just the Sesathin?

    Would I need to continue to take my flax and EFA's with this stuff?

    Also. please post your experiences with it..
    Any other info is greatly appreciated..

    thanks fellas

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    some customer feedback from their site.

    Instead of flax, regardless of Sesathin use, tak efish oil instead. Fish oil has what you want, epa/dha, whereas the ALA in flax has to convert in the body into epa/dha and does so poorly.

    Take 6g of fish oil per day, again regardless of Sesathin. Keep intake the samwhile on Sesathin. There really are no contradictions to stacking anything as it is a non stimulant.

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