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    girl want get off my case.

    My girl want get off my case, b/c of all the pills and food I eat everyday. She keeps elling me how taking all those pills i eat can't be good for you. What do yall think.

    i know that some of this stuff isnt really needed, but is it hurting me> i am going to be doing this for 8-10 weeks as it is my last natural bulk before i result to AAS. I am 212 at 9% and 5'11.

    NO product 9 pills a day
    Cee 5-6 grams a day
    Vitamin E 400 Ius
    Papaya Enzyme 4 pills
    Multi-v 2 pills
    B-6 100 mgs
    B-12 100 mcgs
    Redkat( tongkat ali) 3 pills a da
    Trib 3grams a day
    Liver Formula 3 pills

    and of course the usuall whey and dex, but i dont consider those supps....there essentials

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    no, I dont see any harm

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    If you hear that now wait till you take AAS, but what you have now won't hurt you.

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    i dont see anywhere in there that would really cause any problems. ur girl is just bein like a typical girlfriend that is uneducated about those types of things.

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    thanx bros.

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