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    True protein custom mix?

    I am looking to customize my PWO shake, prob gonna put one together at They have TONS!!! oof shit u can customize with, ne one have ne good percentages of all the stuff iw ould need, i am absolutly lost about this, lets say cold filtered protein they ahve has 30 grams of protein per serving, if u make this 50 percent of ur shake, does taht mean u only get 15 grams per serving?? also what should i add, protein/dex or is there more stuff that should be in therE?

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    If you can get away with WPC (whey protein concentrate) without bloat or stomach problems, then thats the cheapest way to go.
    If you want to opt for WPI (whey protein isolate) then you dont have to worry about bloat or gastrointestinal problems, plus, the tiny amout of fat and carbs in WPC is filtered out.

    I use 100% WPI for my PWO shake. I also order a large quanitity of Maltodextrin/dextrose (50% of each) and add it to my PWO shake. That way, if for some reason I dont want carbs in my protein, then I can just have pure WPI instead of having the carbs already mixed in.

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    check out the teamskip mix and the 50% casein /50% whey. A lot of people do that.
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