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Thread: Cytogainer

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    Cool Cytogainer

    Is cytogainer a good shake for gaining weight ?? does anyone have any good or bad comments from using this product.???

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    i use heavyweight gainer 900 good taste and im gettin results im also small so u may have diff. results

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    I dont like weight gainers. If you HAVE to use one, use it PWO. CytoSport is a pretty good company. The only other 2 weight gainers i would suggest are NLargeII and Champion HeavyWeight Gainer...but like i said, I dont use them. Heres why:

    They usually consist of nothing but cheap protein and humongous amount of maltodextrin (sugar). Not something you necesarily want any other time than PWO, but there are still way better choices for PWO nutrition (high quality WPI or WPC, and a 50/50 blend maltodextrin/dextrose in a 2:1 ratio to protein).

    For times throughout the day when you cant get a real meal in, go with a protein blend (WPC or WPI/egg/casien/soy) and oatmeal ground up in a coffee grinder. You can get the same amount of calories, but without the empty simple carbs, and with the added benefit of fibrous complex carbs.
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