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    under your bed

    Question ECA- hot rox- what do you think?

    i got me some spiropent clen and doing two weeks on two weeks off and im taking this ECA called hot rox i dont know if anyone has heard of it but it has some good claims and cost me a bit of money does anyone know about hot rox and if so could they tell me their opionion on it THANKS!

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    hot rox is not eca.

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    hot rox by biotest is supposed to be good, but mainly according to the people that are dedicated to the website. it is a bit pricey however, i've always wanted to try it out...let us know how it works for you.

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    Hot rox works pretty well. When I was on it, I noticed my body heat was elevated.
    I bought mine on ebay for 20 dollars I think.

    I have noticed though, some of those things work for 1 person and not another.

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    went through 2 bottles of hotrox and noticed absolutely no difference. Home made ECA worked much better for me.

    Damn I miss Adipokinetics

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    Wal-Mart sell the stuff now.

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