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    Calf starter + other q's

    Well ive been taking Calf starter aka Milk replacer for a few weeks now, have seen alot of improvement so far. Just wondering if anyone else takes/has taken this. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is what farmers give to baby calves to beef them up. It consists of mostly crude protein and crude fat. My BF went up about 2% to around 10% in 4 weeks of use. The only side effects ive noticed so far from using it are extreme gas (farting) and exploding sh*ts - but only while it is in my system, once its out im fine. anyways, if anyone has any useful info about this please let me know

    Shoulder injury. I started getting extreme pain and swelling in my shoulder on chest days. After 2 aleve, the pain would be down but the swelling would still be there. this didn't hurt when i was lifting anything other than chest, even MP doesn't hurt me. I took 4 weeks off from lifting chest trying to let my injury heal, but it is still there and still bothers me. Any advice?

    Lats. Weighted pull ups and lat pull downs for three sets each - always wide grip. what else can i do to build up my lats? it seems like i cant get them to build.

    Soreness. My kinesiology professor told me that if you do not get sore then you are not building muscle. I rarely get sore from lifting anything, except my wheels. So does this really mean that i am not building muscle? So if i am not getting sore should i be doing more weight? more sets?

    Thanks for the input.

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    Wow, man I have never heard of calf starter. That's pretty wild. Explosive $hits, huh? That's funny stuff, dude.

    Lats, do dealifts man, it worked wonders for my back, barbell rows are nice too. Keep us updated on the calf starter thing.

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    Wild. Are you producing more milk yet?

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