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    Supplement Plan for Cutting...

    Whatsup fellas (and ladies),

    Quick question about supplements (obviously):

    I've gained about 15 lbs in the past few months since my first strict cut. Although I've gained a noticeable amount of muscle mass, I've also noticed that I've gained some sloppy fatty weight (love handles, gut, bitchtits--sucks, man ).

    Well, I wanna start another strict cut again, but I wanna be friggin chisled this time. My cardio, diet, and lifting routine is on point thanks to you guys, but I just wanna tighten up my supplementation. Here's what I plan on purchasing/reloading up on:

    ON 100% Whey protein (reload)
    Dex (already have a sh*tload of it)
    AST MultiPro 40x multivitamin (will purchase)
    Glucorell-R (will purchase)

    What else do you guys suggest to help speed up the fat burning process in regards to supplements that are natural, ya know? I've heard about some eca stacks and also some supps from the AF Store. Drop some knowledge on a brotha

    Thanks. Peace out.

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    bumpity bump (just cuz I'm an impatient bastard )

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    Fish Oil
    Vitamin C + E
    Green Tea

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