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Thread: Ketone Question

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    Ketone Question

    Anyone know if ketones in your urine have a smell? If they do could you describe it. I know they have ketone test strips but i don't want to pay if i can just smell it and know.

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    The smell of ketone bodies is characteristically sweet (like the smell of nail polish remover). It is different from an ammonia- like smell that might result from muscle breakdown.
    You might be able to smell it on your breath as well, it will have a somewhat fruity aroma to it.

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    Ketogenesis converts acetyl-CoA to acetoacetate and D-betahydroxybuterate. These with acetone are referred to as ketone bodies (i have a midterm on this in 2 days so forgive me for showing off). I think the urea will mask the smell in your piss but your breath sometimes smells like acetone (or nailpolish remover) if you are really deep in ketosis. This isnt a very accurate measure though. After a few times you can kinda tell if you are their cuz it feels different when your brain is runnin off of ketones and not glucose. Until then you should just fork over 10 or 15 bucks for the ketostix.

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    haha if you dont mind me asking

    what is ketone and what does it do

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