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Thread: 3 enough??

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    3 enough??

    Im only going to train with weights 3 days a week, then box 3 days a week, wondering is this is enough to start supplimenting with no xplode n cell tech???

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    Your workout should be fine, several years ago I had a split that went pull day, press day, and leg day. That pretty much covers your bases, just make sure to include a lot of squats, deads, bench presses and other compound movements.
    As far as supplementing goes, no reason not to. I wouldn't touch cell tech, but that's just me.

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    3 times a week training is perfect.

    Unless you already have, dont waste your money on those 2 products. No2 products are worthless and Celltech (as well as anything else by muscletech) is so overpriced its ridiculous. Its outdated monohydrate anyway.

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