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Thread: thermoshred

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    hey there is a new supplement out by muscletech called thermoshred. the marketing campaign is aimed at competition bodybuilders yet it is still sold to anyone and everyone at supplement stores. anyone ever hear of this and if so do u think its worth it?

    also if u take it, is is best recommeneded before AM cardio on an empty stomach or would that make u pass out??

    also if i take that and eat really good and train hard,...wat r the chances of actually becoming shreded because all it does is release more water weight from your body right?

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    its a diuretic, it will do little in terms of actual fat loss

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    it's a diuretic, but has thermogenics in it as well. I've been taking it for the past month or so in hopes of losing water for a photo shoot. It's not a bad product IMO. I took the suggested servings (1 3X's daily first three day, 2 3X's daily next three, then 3 3X's daily etc.) i'm now up to 4. I wake up, pop 4, do my cardio then eat a light breakfast afterwards. But I workout for so long and keep my diet clean, it's hard to tell if it's natural progress or with the help of this S*it... I mean, I have been getting a little more vascular and I have lost a reasonable ammount of fat in my lower a**omen which has been my goal for a lifetime. Hope this helps

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