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    superdrol question

    im gonna do a superdrol cycle that looks like this:

    Weeks 1-4: Superdrol 30mg
    Weeks 1-4: Omega 3

    Weeks 5-8: 40 mg ED of Nolvadex for the first two weeks, Then down to 20 mg ED of Nolvadex
    Weeks 5-8: Clomid Therapy, 300 mg of clomid first day, 100 mg of clomid next 10 days, 50 mg of clomid for final 10 days of clomid therapy.
    Weeks 5-8: Milk Thistle 1000 mg of milk thistle ED

    I weigh 204 lbs, been working out for 2,5 years..
    is it ok if I skip the nolva during cycle?

    please criticize

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    From what I gather 30mg of SD is alot to start with at your weight. Most seem to be starting with 20mg and leading upto 30mg for the last week or two.
    Nolva throughout the cycle is just to help cholesteral.
    Search for an old thread of mine called "superdrol, any good?" and the more recent "superdrol results" - both of these may contain info to help you.

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    @ 206 he is fine with using 30mg. I usually do that and it works better. I would keep the cycle to 2-3 weeks thou. As the compound starts losing effects during week 2-3. Good luck, I've had great results!

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