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    Flax Seed or EFA's (3-6-9) / Creatine?

    I have 2 questions,

    1) I currently take Flax seed oil caplets every day, would it benefit to take an omega 3 instead (3-6-9) or is flax seed good enough?

    2) Is creatine beneficial is I am trying to lose fat, or should I wait and not use creatine until i have lost some more weight.

    My profile if it helps is 6'3, 264 pds (started out at 288). I am currently dieting to lose fat and tone up doing the gym (weights) 4 times a week and cardio 5-6 times in the morning for 45 nminutes. I am takeing all of my vitamins/minerals, immune boosters, msm/glucoscamine, flax seed oil, whey protein and switching between clenbeutorol and and efa stack. I am progessing well but not sure if I am msising anything.

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    Flax oil has omega - 3's already in it.

    Creatine won't hinder fat loss, it will only help preserve muscle mass when your in caloric deficit. If your worried about the water retention you can always switch to CEE.

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    Take fish oil instead of Flax....the ALA in Flax has to convert to epa/dha and does so poorly. Its better than nothing, but its easier to pop 5-6 fish oil pills a day.

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