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    M1T Stack Question ... would this work???

    i have read u need test with M1t ... i dont have any but i do have dbols would that work???? like 15 mg per day ??? 20 25????

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    prolly not. Its not advisable stacking 2 orals and d-bol doesnt work like test does. D-bol and m1t are pretty much the same thing though m1ts just alpha 5 reduced ( i think). But as we all know changing up one molecule and completely change the effect of the steroid so yeah.... get test if you can.

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    Take a look at the M1T FAQ by NSA if you haven't already. That has become, rightfully so, the M1T unofficial Bible.

    Also, definitely not advisable to stack to highly hepatoxic orals like Dbol & M1T.

    Like swoll said, stack with test

    or 4-ad

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