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Thread: Zma

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    Question Zma

    ZMA is zinc and magnesium right?

    I'm interested in its ability to give me a better nights sleep.

    I can't get ZMA, but I can get zinc and magnesium, can I "make my own" ZMA?I'd take both b4 bed.....what dosage are we talking about (how much zinc and how much mg)?

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    I was taking 50 mg zinc a night, and 400 mg magnesium aspartate. I would not bother bro, it didnt do shyt to me. I think it is all marketing, and mind-fvcking. If you are thinking you are supposed to feel more relaxed, then you will, it is as simple as that.

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    Don't waste your money on priducts like ZMASS. Buy them seperate its much cheaper. Personally I can't tell the difference when using it. I always sleep like a baby

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