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Thread: Blitz Cycle

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    Blitz Cycle

    Anybody tried this? I am on it at the time and I have gained 3 lbs. in a lil bit over a week. I started out taking 3 capsules twice daily and I am moving up to 4 capsules twice daily for the rest of the cycle. Is there anything you recommend to take with this? I know someone who has some M1T left over and thought about adding it to Blitz Cycle since I am going to the beach in a month. I know how to take M1T with proper PCT and all. I am just asking do you recommend it or not. Holla back at me

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    Ive said it a million times. Fizogen products are garbage. Way overpriced and arent even close to the old ph's. save your money.

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    blitz...being an helped my strength go up...and put on some pounds...but deads and squats do that for me...but definitely better strength and explosion...more stamina...

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    i've been taken that for a week my strength has gone up, pumps r wild, & i put on a few lbs already

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