I got 15lbs of BSL chocolate flavored Whey concentrate. This flavor was enjoyable and much better than the plain flavors that they offer. I heard good things, so I had high hopes for this stuff.

It mixes just like all the whey I've gotten. It mixes well and it's not clumpy.

As I said, it is very very good. The BSL chocolate tastes fantastic and 100x better than their regular flavors.

The price is outstanding and you can customize the ingredients to the specifications you want. It's the best price I've seen around, so major props to them for this.

Definitely one of the better out there on the market. High quality, low price. You just can't beat that. I'd recommend everyone give it a shot, cause you won't be disappointed. If anything, just head over to TrueProtein.com and just browse around a little to see what I'm talking about. They have creatine, glutamine, and some other things at fantastic prices.

PS: I recently got a discount code for all purchases at True protein. It's RBN727.