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    Anyone ever use an appetite stimulant?

    If so, which one and how did you like it......

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    I add the chance to meet a guy that was older then me he was 34 and i was 19, i was training like hell but diet wise i was doing everything wrong, not eating enought and more.

    I add been training for 3 years never gave up started at around 142 pounds and when i met him i was around 160.

    He was a bodybuilder at heart and it showed, he laught at me real hard at first saying that for a guy that add been training for 3 years my gains where miserable at best.

    We where both in a plumbing course at night so one night at lunch time he says hey kid get into my car, he drove me to the drug store and made me buy some Periactin.

    6 months later i was 193 pounds of mass. This stuff made me eat like a pig and pack on weight, i wont lie to you i gained 3 inches of waiste size but i didnt really mind going from a 31 inche to a 34.

    This stuff worked fine for me, i was full of energy all the time and that year since i was eating a lot i never got sick.

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    injectable b-12

    it works pretty good

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