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    What's the best? IYO

    I am bout 172, 5'9. I am trying to cut up before I go to the beach which is in 3 have anything other than diet that you recommend for a quick cut up? I don't want to lose alot of weight....I just want to cut body fat as quick as possible. I am on Blitz Cycle right now, but I have not had tremendous gains except for a couple of lbs. After I get back from the beach I am having my wisdom teeth took out and will be out of commision for bout 3 days. After that I'd like to start something new....I want to gain some solid muscle and some more of my strength back because I have not been worrying about it too much lately. I thought about taking Superdrol....what do you recommend? Your help would be greatly appreciated

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    I am about the same stats as you, and am also halfway through a cycle of superdrol... 2 weeks in and up 6 lbs. It is all right, but I gained a solid 23 lbs off one month of 1-AD. I would recommend it (SD) simply because it is easy to get, and with ***** sponsoring the board, it is easy to get PCT for it as well.

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