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    Tribestan = major acne.

    i'm currently on a prop\tren \winny cycle... i've been running this cycle for an extended period of time cause i decided to do it the entire summer and then take 6 months off. i havent gotten any shrinkage or libido issues yet but i decided to try something...

    i heard it was beneficial to supplement with Tribestan during a long heavy cycle like this so i've been taking 2g everyday for the past week. within 5 days i had extensive acne on my face and chest which i never had too much of a problem with before. the cystic kind. now i'm stuck with scars. i discintinued the Tribestan 2 days ago and it seems to be clearing up.

    anyone have any experience with this?

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    hell yes...
    when i finished my cycle of clomid along with tribestan i upped the dosage and man your right,, i had two really bad ones,,,1 under my chin,,had to have lanced,,1 under my arm pit had to have lanced...i'll never touch it again..

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    get some vitamin b5

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