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    Egg protein supplements=to the real deal?

    I would assume that egg protein supplements like ON's egg powder and the products I have seen in bodybuilding magazines that are still liquid and come in huge tubs are not equal to real eggs. or even the pasturized eggs in cartons at the grocery store(to be consumed uncooked by me)

    My assumtion comes from only one idea of reasoning, they are supplements.

    I am not knocking them, I use ON's powder daily. (AVOID THE CUSTARD FLAVOR!!!)

    My guestion is, does any one have any hard evidence or studies that show how these supplements add up to the real deal?

    I am kind of thinking along terms of absorption/utilization rate or something "Laymen" can understand. Like the scale as found in Arnolds encylopedia, ASSUMING it is any different if it isnt that would be awesome!

    I take this as it is better then nothing, sometimes eating 5-6 whole meals gets rough for me and pounding some flax and egg powder shake is much easier, or if I am in a time crunch and didnt make time for solid food.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Why not use a mix of it all, i have ON whey protein and i put in 1 whole egg and some soy milk with flax.

    Its working fine for now, you can also put in some egg whites if you dont want to yoke.

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    Yeah, currently I am using a scoop of ON's casien and ON's egg protein for "replacement meals" and 1-2 tbsp of flax.

    I am probably over thinking it, my goal was to figure out if the supplement was say 75% as effective as the real deal then I could make up for that by adding more, hehe.

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