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    Nov 2004

    add 1-ad to m1t? king of supplements?

    i have 8 days left of my 4 week m1t cycle/4-ad, have been taking 10mg a day and the worst sides i have experience is lythargy and slight loss of appetite. my libido seems pretty normal. i love m1t, im making alot of gains and my strength is up alot and insain pumps. i have like 60 100mg 1ad caps around which really isnt enough for another cycle, would it be worth it to add this to my last week, and how much if so? im 5'10" 170 lbs

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    considering its the same hormone I dont see it adding anymore benefit

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    it will more then likely increase the side's and not your gains

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    Do it, I believe m1t is very different than 1-ad, I think methylating it completely changes the compound.

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    It does completely change the compound, but there is no need to add it now. M1T and 1ad both have big potential for sides. M1T and 4AD is a good cycle, adding 1ad would just screw it up by shutting you down harder(M1T and 1ad both shut you down very hard and diminish libido/energy). Also, how much 4ad are you taking?

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