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    cycle with Dermabolics norderm.19-Nordiol


    i have read extensively on prohormone and especially on this one:

    Nor-diol (19-Nor-4-androsten-3,17-diol)

    Target Hormone: 19Nortestosterone (nandrolone )
    olecular name of target hormone: 17ß-hydroxy-19-nor-4-andro-sten-3-one
    Target conversion: High (15.76 %)
    Conversion enzyme: 3-ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3HSD)
    DHT conversion: none
    Estrogenic effects: none

    To me, this is the top of the line, though some will not agree with me. I stacked this with 5-diol, and as I explained the 5AD did very little other than keep androgens moderate and ensure greater Nor-diol conversion, and came to the conclusion that this is without a doubt the hands down winner of the Andro Wars.

    The advantages include no estrogen or DHT prior to conversion on the basis of it being a diol version, and only a fifth the DHT conversion afterwards because it has nandrolone as a target hormone. It's almost twice as anabolic as its dione counterpart and in terms of gains can match 4-diol milligram for milligram. It is of more use to the young bodybuilder because it converts to nandrolone via the 3-beta enzyme assuring high conversion and not interfering with testosterone production other than by negative feedback. Meaning in moderate doses it will not stunt your natural testosterone too much and ensure a faster recovery afterwards. That makes it definitely the most potent prohormone to use by itself, but obviously the stacking is limited. If you were willing to take the risk of mega-dosing and reach enzyme saturation, 19Nor is a possibility, but since most of the question I get about prohormones have a severe undertone of fear where side effects are concerned, I don't think that will be a popular stack. With 4-diol you have too strong of a competition, vying for the same receptor enzyme. 5-diol is your best bet because of strong anabolism despite low conversion and the fact that it can upgrade the 3-beta enzyme assuring greater conversion.

    The greatest downside to Nor-diol is the cost. It's hard to find quality because not many quality companies produce it. The economic returns are minimal because people don't like paying that much for a prohormone. Some companies will even badmouth Nor-diol to cover their lack of endeavour (are you hearing me Paul Delia?). Your best bet on the market these days, and I know the store carries them, are Prolab (100 mg per cap) and Ergopharms oral product (150 mg per cap) I only mention this because a lot of people have asked me where to find good Nor-diol.

    any feedback on this product alone for a cycle? How many weeks did the cycle last? the gain? if has been used a pct and which? if problem with libido? And last but not least I use finasteride and xandrox to prevent hairloss, has anyone used this while on stack? problem with hairloss?

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    yeah but its banned now. And i know for a fact that it wasnt something people stocked up on.

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    it is not banned in the uk....

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    this is basically the same thing as a deca only cycle bro

    your going to need some sort of test or 4ad to keep the johnson still working and from being tired all the time.

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