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    Question can u take clen while on creatine?

    I want to drop around 10 pounds with the help of clen , but I also want to continue taking creatine. Would this combination still allow me to drop bodyfat??

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    Yes you can take them together. You just need to supplement with taurine, potassium and drink 1.5-2 gallons of water ED in order to avoid cramping. Depending on your diet and cardio you should lose some fat...

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    yea make sure you drink alot of water or the cramps will be killer

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    Good advice from the other bros. I have actually stacked the two and put on lean bodyweight. I used the clen because I wanted to get as lean as possible for athletic purposes. The clen does not appear have an appetite suppresant effect like a product such as Hydroxycut. My appetite actually increased. Surprisingly, it might be a little harder to drop the 10lbs. while using clen. When I spare, in TKD class, I need the creatine for short burst energy. That is why I added creatine to the stack. If I was training to lose weight, I would stick with a supplement such as Hydroxycut.

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