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    Thumbs up question to all sd users around 180

    i am about 180 and was gonna start a sd cycle for 3 weeks that went 10/20/20, but i have seen alot of smaller guys use 20/20/20/ and see results, just wondering at what dosage did everyone see the best results? guess i should also say i will be using s1+ with sd as well.

    snuff, not long cut

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    I did 20/30/30/40 and i gained about 14 lbs...I'm about to finish up my last week here in a couple days and I had great results doing it that way but thats just me...I guess it just really depends on you cuz I've heard some bros on here got some pretty painful back pumps at 40 but i haven't had too much trouble with that.

    Longcuts better btw

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    i'm doing 20/20/30/30...i'm on my first week.

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