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    I'm currently on a M1T/4ad stack. I noticed my nips are sore and at times they look a little puffy to me. I'm only taking the recommended dosage for the 4-ad, which is 2 pumps "13mg 4ad" 3 times a day. I'm taking 10mg of nolva every day.
    Should I lower the dosage on the 4ad or take more nolva? I"m 5/11, 245lbs if that makes a difference.

    Please help, thanks!
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    bump the nolva up to 20mg ed and youll be fine

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    Do you say you were taking 39 mg of 4AD per day? When I used to use 4AD, I was taking up 1 gram a day and did not have any soreness around my nipple area. There was some slight gyno but it went away after my cycle. I have never used M1T, is it possible this is the product that is causing the side effects?

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    Yeah, 2 pumps = 13mg of 4adrostenediol thats what the lable on the bottle states. I'm using Worldsize Radix. If I lay off of the 4ad a little the soreness goes away. As soon as I take one serving I get sore again. I've taking other 4ad products before and never had this problem, only Worldsize Radix.

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