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Thread: M1P Log

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    M1P Log

    Hello, just wanted to start a log on my results using M1P. Body Stats prior to taking:

    HT: 5' 7"
    WT: 179
    BF: 9%

    I have been using M1P for about two weeks now. I First week i was taking 20mg a day. I have since gone up to 30mg for the second week. Results so far:

    HT: 5' 7"
    WT: 181
    BF: 10%

    As you can see I have gained 2lbs of fat. My lifts have not gone up any. I am at the same strengh has not improved. I will keep you all informed. I plan on uping the dose to 40mg a day for the 3rd week. Hopefully I feel, or see something in the next week. I plan on running a 5 week cycle, doing my PCT starting on the 6th Week. I don't think i'll need to run PCT seeing how i'm not gaining anything as of yet. I do compound exercises (Basics) working 1 body part a day. My scheule looks like this:

    Monday: Chest
    Tues: Back
    Wed: Shoulders
    Thurs: Legs
    Friday: Bi's/Tri's/Forearms
    Sat: Off
    Sun: Start Cycle again.

    I ordered some LMG Max/1,4AD plan on putting those in the cycle as well.

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    thanks for the log i am interested but from everything ive seen people tend to gain alot of fat on this compound and not much LBM at all!!!

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