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    the most anabolic non-********* supplements

    im interested in what your favorite non ********* anabolic supplements are

    aside from generic protein

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    I've been taking a "Pro-Hormone" supplement for a while called "Viraloid", it's supposed to increase your natural testosterone out-put.. and people will tell you these dont work, but every damn time i take a pill, about 45 minutes later, without fail, i get as hard as a PornStar

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    From what I have used, I would have to say Biotest's Tribex (tribulus product). I used it after a prohormone cycle and it helped with testicular atrophy. Tribex is supposed to bring your natural test levels to high normal. With high normal, there is no suppression of natural test levels. Buff recommends Tribestan for a tribulus product.

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